Reel Rapper Wrapping Machine SM1320
  • This versatile stretch wrapping machine is designed for Cylindrical form (paper roll) or pallet form packages wrapping. The double action wrapping function is applied on roll form packages. When the turntable rotates, the power roller simultaneously rotates the cylindrical form package, thus providing "double action wrapping".
  • A smart and user-friendly control system adopted by this machine means that no special training is needed to operate the machine.
  • The display of the control panel is simple and clear. With a unique multifunctional control circuit design, this smart machine can perform six different packaging modes.
    • Roll wrapping mode ( double action wrapping ).
    • Standard wrapping mode.
    • Two different types of single layer wrapping modes.
    • Central area automatic strengthen wrapping mode.
    • Water proof wrapping mode.
  • Machine circuit control design: The machine circuit control has an icon to monitor the machineˇŚs running status, and a self inspection readout facility which enables the operator to visually check all systems. In case of breakdown, this also enables the operator to identify and locate where problem is, cutting down on the unnecessary time spent servicing the machine.
  • The advance circuit control include an IP65 circuit, touch screen LED displays and water-resistant panel box. The use of digital control circuit is three times more stable and reliable than general relays.
  • Automatic film breaking device: The film will automatically break when the wrapping cycle is completed, meaning no manual cutting is required.
  • Slow starting and stopping device: When turntable is activated, the slow starting device prevents upper layer packages from falling off. The turntable will stop at its original position when wrapping cycle is completed The revolving speed of the turntable can be adjusted to allow for speed changes.
Safety shut down switches: Two limit switches are installed to prevent the film carriage from travelling over the designated height range. If the height control sensor in the film carriage malfunctions, the limit switched will stop the film carriage from continually ascent or descent beyond the upper or lower limit, after which the film carriage can be manually reset back to its original position. This is extremely important as it will prevent any serious damages done to the machine.
Optional device:
  • Pre- Stretch unit: This unit can pre-stretch film by up to 300% to greatly reduce the cost for film, depending on film stretch quality.
  • Roll paper form: The roll paper will extrude when wrapping cycle is completed.
Top press plate device: If the width of paper roll is less than 500mm, the use of this device is recommended as to avoid items from falling off.
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